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A SYstems dynamics approach to enable the development of climate change AdaPTation pathways in an urban setting for elements of critical Infrastructure and related Cascading effects

Funded by the Helmholtz Network of Excellence of the Helmholtz Association supporting the excellence cluster CLICCS (Climate, Climatic Change and Society) at University of Hamburg

The goal of SYnAPTIC is to strengthen the resilience of specific elements of critical infrastructure regarding climate change in urban areas. A specific focus lies on the sectors energy, water and transport. Since digitization is advancing further, the interdependencies between these sectors are increasing. For this reason, we are focusing especially on cascading effects caused by impacts of climate change. The perspective of potential users of this analysis is highly relevant, therefore their expertise and needs form the foundation of the project. The complex interlinkages between the three sectors and future effects of climate change are described in a systemic way, substantially shaped by the users‘ input. SYnAPTIC is aiming at providing support to develop effective and holistic measures to adapt to climate change.

SYnAPTIC serves as a first prototypical application of the Regional Modelling Toolkit and is set in regions of the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

GERICS Regional Modelling Toolkit

Cluster of Excellence CLICCS


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