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MiKlip II

In its first phase, MiKlip has made important research contributions and has developed an internationally competitive decadal climate prediction system.

Building on these results, the overarching goal for MiKlip II is to establish and improve the decadal climate prediction system that eventually can be transferred to the German meteorological service DWD for operational use. MiKlip II is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) with about 13 Mio. € for three years of collaborative research and a fourth year focusing on the operational implementation of the prediction system. MiKlip II involves 16 national partners from universities, research institutions and federal agencies.

As part of MiKlip II Module D the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) will focus on bringing the decadal prediction system into operational practice by developing prototype products for selected users from the private sector. In close interaction with users and scientists the usability of the decadal prediction system will be analysed and eventually improved. Ultimately, we aim to support the users in their decision-making processes with tailor-made prototype products, and thus to provide them with solutions for climate related problems on a decadal time scale.

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