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The country fact-sheets summarize the major findings of the project „Climate Change Scenarios for the Congo Basin“ for different sectors (climate, hydrology and energy, agriculture and forests) on a country level. The map below indicates all available fact-sheets. To select a fact-sheet, just click on the respective sector below the countries listed further down - then the chosen fact-sheet will open as a pdf document.

The information presented in the fact-sheet is collated on the basis of different climate zones. If a country stretches within one climate zone (e.g. Rwanda) the fact-sheet will have one page. If it stretches over two (e.g. Cameroon) or more climate zones, the fact sheet will consist of two ore more pages.

Congo Project Fact Sheet Map 800

Fiches d’information des pays - Scénarios des changements climatiques dans le Bassin du Congo

PDF interactif des Fiches d’information des pays (9,4 MB)Scénarios des changements climatiques dans le bassin du Congo - Rapport final (22,5 MB)



Central African Republik



Democratic Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo



Download complete interactive collection of Country-Fact-Sheets (7,6 MB)