GERICS Country Climate-Fact-Sheets

The Climate Fact Sheets provide concise information on the magnitude of projected climate change and the range of these changes for individual countries or regions. They have been jointly developed with the German KfW Development Bank.

The approach has been extended in cooperation with BASF SE by developing a prototype for site-characteristic Climate-Fact-Sheets. They provide climate information at the local scale, summarizing climate change information for climate parameters that are important for specific production sites. They are based on the latest ensemble of high-resolution EURO-CORDEX projections. Fact Sheets for certain individual sectors, e.g. the energy sector, are in development.

Weltkarte CFS

Currently, 72 Climate Fact Sheets are available for countries and regions in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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Climate-Fact-Sheets for Regions

Life Project Area En Cut

Green areas indicate regions covered by Climate-Fact-Sheets for Regions in LIFE LOCAL ADAPT

As part of the EU project LIFE LOCAL ADAPT - Adaptation to Climate Change in Municipalities, Climate-Fact-Shets were created for four European regions involved in the project.
North-West Czech Republic
Saxony, Germany
Styria, Ausria
Vizdeme, Latvia

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GERICS Climate-Focus-Papers

Based on the climate-fact-sheet concept, a Climate-Focus-Paper series has been developed in collaboration with German KfW Development Bank.

Currently three GERICS Climate-Focus-Papers are available:
- Global Sea Level Rise
- Regional Sea Level Rise - South Asia
- Cities and Climate Change

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