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CICLES - Launch of a new project to develop climate services for West Africa

WASCAL_Inception_Workshop_December 2023


On the 18th and 19th of December 2023, the inception workshop of a new BMBF-funded project entitled “Customized and Integrated Climate Services for Improved Resilience and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in West Africa” (CICLES) took place at the WASCAL headquarter in Accra, Ghana. The workshop was jointly organized and conducted by WASCAL and GERICS and was divided into several thematic sessions with a strong focus on participation and interaction between scientists and stakeholders.

At the workshop, Prof. Daniela Jacob, Director of GERICS, highlighted the importance of climate services through a virtual presentation and Dr Torsten Weber (GERICS) moderated a panel discussion on "Importance of Climate and Environmental Services for Africa: Experiences on User Needs, User Standards and Challenges". In addition, Dr Weber gave a presentation on "Extremes and Migration" as a first input to the subsequent stakeholder group work, which he also co-facilitated with Dr Vanessa Reinhart (GERICS). Both scientists also contributed to the stakeholder group work on "Data Services" and "Climate Policy, Action, Training and Scientific Exchanges". At the end of the workshop, a press conference was held by the representative of WASCAL and GERICS to inform the public about the project and to answer questions from the media.

CICLES will provide information, technical solutions, policy advice and knowledge to support resilience, sustainable development and improved livelihoods in West Africa. Five services will be designed, demonstrated and disseminated to bring together human skills and expertise, financial investments, digital tools and training to enhance the adaptive capacity and resilience of vulnerable countries to global warming and climate change. The three-year project will be implemented jointly by WASCAL and GERICS to support transformation and sustainable socio-economic development in West Africa.

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