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Form for Humboldt Climate Protection Fellowship Candidates to work with GERICS

Dr. Armelle Reca C. Remedio

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The fellowship is dedicated to the practical implementation of a research project in your home country.
What would be the topic of your proposal for the Humboldt fellowship and how would you apply the results? (Max. 300 words)

Where is the link between your proposal and GERICS’ mission? (Max. 100 words)

Which is your highest educational/scientific degree? Please add a copy of your degree certificates.

Which work experience in practice do you have (public administration, private sector, others of at least 48 months duration)? Please add references.

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What do you expect from a fellowship with Humboldt Foundation? (Max. 200 words)

Did you already present any result of your work on one of the international conferences (talk, poster)? Please enclose your presentation or poster.

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